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Celebrating Local Culture: New Mural in Pulaski County

In a vibrant display of community collaboration and the transformative power of art, Pulaski County Tribe (PCT) and Friends of the Panhandle Pathway celebrated the completion of a new mural situated along the scenic Panhandle Pathway Trail in Winamac.

Winamac Mural Corner Angle

The mural's theme features a tractor, vibrant wildflowers, and a cyclist. It encapsulates the essence of rural life, outdoor exploration, and the simple joys of a peaceful bike ride through Pulaski County.

Community members and art enthusiasts gathered on Saturday, September 16th, to witness the mural's creation. It was not just an opportunity to admire art but also a chance to embrace the unhurried pace and community camaraderie of Pulaski County.

PCT recognizes the following:

  • Members of Friends of the Panhandle Pathway for their commitment to the wonderful trail that runs through Pulaski County and for their partnership on this project.

  • Members of Pulaski County Tribe for their unwavering commitment to creating a stronger, more vibrant community for all.

  • Artist, Zach Medler, for providing his talents again to enhance Pulaski County.

Brandi Larkin, founder of PCT, underscored the significance of creating a sense of place within the Pulaski County community. "Projects like these are a testament to the power of collaboration and art in fostering a strong community," Larkin noted. "They reflect our pride in our county and serve as a reminder of the potential to create meaningful connections through shared experiences."

However, the mural's creation was not just about art; it was also about community effort. Volunteers from both PCT and Friends of the Panhandle Pathway worked to clear brush and debris, trim trees, and clean the building to prepare the space for this vibrant addition to the county.

The completion of this mural is not just an artistic achievement; it's a celebration of the Pulaski County community's spirit, dedication, and collaboration. As the mural adorns the Panhandle Pathway, it invites all to appreciate the county's unique character and the power of art to connect people, evoke pride, and foster a sense of place.

As you stroll through Pulaski County, PCT encourages you to explore this mural and other stunning artworks including the crane mural in Medaryville, eagle mural in Monterey, firefly mural in Star City, and the floral mural and opera block mural in Francesville (led by the Uptown Project).


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