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Together we can make a difference! The real strength of Pulaski County Tribe is our volunteers and members who have a sincere desire to see our communities thrive. This organization is member driven. We listen, we evaluate, and together we implement positive projects. There is not room for biases or self-serving agendas. We actively seek to improve the communities of the county for the greater good of residents and visitors, in accordance with the strategic priorities and objectives of the organization. We have taken the time to create a solid foundation that will allow us to have an impact on the communities we serve. There are a variety of ways to get involved. We hope you'll join us!



When I moved back to Pulaski County I knew I didn't want to just be a resident. I wanted to get involved in the community. Through PCT I have been able to participate and help the county be the best it can be!

-Anne Rebeck-Scott

I just want to express my gratitude for the Pulaski County Tribe! It's ironic that in a year of social distancing, I feel more connected than ever. Being a member of PCT has meant being with a group of people who want a bright future for our entire county, and have a willingness to share kindness to businesses, new residents, and those in need in various ways. I'm most excited to welcome new residents to Pulaski County and am looking forward to helping with that endeavor.

-Sharon Breyfogle

As a new resident to Pulaski County last year, I learned about Pulaski County Tribe's mission to collaborate and that really resonated with me. Now as a member of PCT, I feel more connected to other organizations in our area and find myself more informed about opportunities to get involved with other groups.

-Diana Day




PCT leads and shares volunteer opportunities for community members from a variety of organizations throughout Pulaski County. Volunteers can participate as needed and as available, without any formal commitments requested. 



PCT members lead community projects to benefit the greater good of residents and visitors. Residency in Pulaski County is required. We also request 16 annual volunteer hours for membership, participation in another community organization, and an annual donation of member discretion to Pulaski County Tribe. 



Committee Chairs and co-chairs are responsible for ensuring the PCT mission and vision are carried out in a positive and effective manner. The chair leads committee meetings, keeps record of activity, inspires ideation, and leads execution of approved projects. If you are interested in leading a committee, please note your willingness on the Member Application. 

If you are passionate about Pulaski County and interested in taking an active role in positively impacting the communities within it, we invite you to join us! Your're welcome to attend bi-monthly meet-up on the 3rd Thursday of the month 6-7:30 or you can contact a PCT member or email us to learn more.

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