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PCT serves as an organization for a group of people with the common characteristic of valuing Pulaski County communities and bonds within them. We seek to enhance our communities in a variety of ways, one project at a time. Oh, and we have a lot of fun along the way!

Areas of Focus for PCT Members


Collaborate with business and property owners, local organizations, investors and other key stakeholders within Pulaski County to identify opportunities for organizations to work together, identify new market opportunities for Pulaski County and to carry out other efforts toward Pulaski County revitalization.


Showcase Pulaski County as a place for community members and visitors to come together within the various communities. This may be achieved through the planning and organizing of local events and/or partnering with other organizations and volunteers for events led by other organizations. 


Identify ways to financially support the organization through funding sources and fundraising opportunities.


Keep proper member records, manage contact lists, oversee general incoming communication, and coordinate member meetings. 


Communicate the value and benefit of contributions of members of the Pulaski County Tribe, share PCT activity, promote PCT led events, and manage public relations. 


Positively shape the communities within the county by seeking and prioritizing opportunities to implement projects that provide community members and visitors opportunities for enjoyment and/or improve the physical appearance of a visible landmark.


Seek opportunities to promote Pulaski County recreation, commerce, and culture to residents and potential visitors. We focus on activity intended to create positive impressions of the communities within Pulaski County; undertaking other projects that accomplish this. A core component is partnering with other organizations and individuals to implement efforts to create a public image of and to attract persons to Pulaski County.

If you are interested in taking an active role to positively impact Pulaski County, please learn more about opportunities to get involved with PCT.

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