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PCT Member Meet-Up

Member Meet-up |  2nd Tuesday of each month

This is for current members to hear a brief update on the current projects and work in subgroups to plan for current and future activities. It is open to current and interested members.

Location Rotates | Email to learn the current month's location

Pulaski County 2nd Saturday

Play in Pulaski County on the 2nd Saturday of each month.

Enjoy a variety of offers and activities from businesses, organizations, independent consultants,

artisans, and crafters throughout Pulaski County.

County Collaboration

Communication is powerful and connections are key to community building.


That’s why the Pulaski County Tribe hosted a County Collaboration event on Tuesday, May 24th for organizations and businesses to learn about key initiatives and potential collaboration opportunities throughout Pulaski County. Another connection opportunity will be planned.

Collaboration Summary Article

Next: To Be Announced

Pulaski County Calendar

On online calendar for Pulaski County events.

Free for organizations and businesses to list public events.

Advertising opportunities available.

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