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Crane Mural Offers Community Connections and Opportunities for Collaboration

Have you seen the new artwork in downtown Medaryville, located on the corner of Main and National streets? If so, we hope you paused for a moment to enjoy. If not, we encourage you to see this beauty in person! Oh, and there’s more to come!

Designed and created by talented Indiana artist Zach Medler, the mural is a celebration of one of the many natural wonders in Pulaski County. It also symbolizes what can be accomplished when people come together to positively impact our communities. It is the hope of PCT that community members and visitors pause for a moment and enjoy. Then perhaps stroll into nearby Main Street Bakery, owned by Dusty and Casey Williams, the generous business owners who offered the use of their building for the public art display.

Phase one has kicked off, featuring a single, large-scale crane mural. The next steps include community education of the cranes, encouragement of exploration of our natural resources, and fundraising for the expansion of the artwork. The expansion is planned to include additional cranes and wetland components. Community members are encouraged to offer input on wetland components to include in the final artwork and to help name the cranes. The second phase is tentatively planned for sometime in August or September.

Phase 2 Render

PCT partnered with students from the Winamac Community High School art class to create origami cranes. They can be seen throughout the communities at donation stations.

PCT believes artwork is a key component of connecting communities. But we know artwork alone cannot create sustainable connections. It is the collaboration, communication, and celebration of many individuals that create human connections, stemming from a desire to positively shape our communities and the people who live in and visit them. This is what results in sustainable community wellbeing.

If you are interested in making a financial donation to support PCT-led community enhancement and placemaking projects, such as this mural, you can donate here. Your support is greatly appreciated!

About the Artist

Zach Medler (ZMED) is a muralist and printmaker based in West Lafayette. His 20+ years in the arts have seen his style evolve from ceramics to printmaking to murals, while always working closely with youth, community organizations, arts advocacy groups, and city officials to produce quality arts programming and a locally-inspired aesthetic identity. His murals often celebrate local natural features like wetlands and native plants and animals, but can also feature elements of historic architecture and urban environments. “I believe in murals as community social wellness projects, and I believe my work as an artist, organizer, and citizen reflect that.”

IG: @zmedstudios

About Pulaski County Tribe Placemaking and Community Enhancement Committee

The goal of the PCT Placemaking and Community Enhancement Committee is to positively shape the communities within the county by implementing projects that provide community members and visitors opportunities for enjoyment and/or improve the physical appearance of highly visible landmarks.

If you are interested in becoming a member of the Pulaski County Tribe, you can learn more here.


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