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PCT Announces Plans for an Art in the Park Community-Centered Project

[July 2021] Pulaski County Tribe is making plans to lead a community enhancement “Art in the Park” project in the Winamac Town Park. PCT will work to raise funds, collaborate with potential partners, coordinate with artisans, and organize an event.

The current focus is phase one of a series of potential enhancements and art projects. The extent of project potential will be dependent on funds received through grant awards, donations, and PCT fundraising activities, along with the time and talent of volunteers to make enhancements possible. The current focus has three areas: aesthetic improvements, art installations, and a community event.

Aesthetically improve areas in the Winamac Town Park on the west side of the Swinging Bridge

  • historic artesian well area: cleaning of debris, basic updating to structure (stain, paint), landscaping the adjacent area, and addition of low voltage lighting inside the structure

  • river’s edge area near the bench, across from round pavilion: cleaning of area for installation of artwork, possible addition of a few plants around artwork

Installation of two permanent art exhibits:

  1. interpretive sign depicting the history of the artesian well, includes Braille

  2. metal, lighted silhouette, visible from both sides of the park as well as to those on the waterway

  • highlight Pulaski County history & natural resources

  • educate and provide public enjoyment

Community “Art in the Park” event to dedicate installed artwork and depict and celebrate parts of Pulaski County heritage and natural resources in an artistic fashion

  • formal dedication of artwork and public acknowledgment of key contributors

  • make & take art project

  • feature local artwork focused on Pulaski County natural resources in a range of mediums including a wide range of ages and levels of talent

Reason for location selection

  • central to the county communities

  • accessible to all residents and visitors of Pulaski County, regardless of income, age, race/ethnicity, and mental or physical ability

  • contains a prominent historical fixture

  • adjacent to grounds used for Pulaski County Fair and Northern Indiana Power from the Past

Benefits to the community

  • addition of artistic elements

  • serve as an area attraction for residents and guests

  • provide an opportunity for community collaboration and resident involvement

Potential for community collaboration and participation

  • provide feedback on artwork designs

  • partnership opportunities on components of the project through collaboration

  • volunteer opportunities for residents and other organizations

  • attendance and/or participation in the Art in the Park event


  • park board approval received on March 4, 2021

  • IAC grant application submitted March 2021

  • project kicks off July 2021 and is planned to conclude spring / early summer 2022

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Pulaski County Tribe is a non-profit organization in Pulaski County. Their mission is to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate among all communities in Pulaski County for the greater good of residents and guests. The organization serves as a channel that brings together organizations, businesses, and residents to positively impact communities in Pulaski County. You can learn more about PCT at To contact the organization, you can email


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