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PCT Warm Welcome Project

PCT invites you to participate in an effort to welcome new residents to Pulaski County!

Pulaski County Tribe is organizing welcome packages that will include items supplied by local organizations, businesses, crafters, artisans, and residents. The goal is to share information about people, places, products, and services throughout the county.

welcome basket

PCT members and volunteers will package items provided and coordinate delivery. Examples of possible items include program bulletins, pens, brochures, coffee mugs, passes or discount cards, menus, packaged goods, samples of products offered, and items by local craft/artisan makers and bakers. Seasonal plants or flowers, welcome signs, and children's crafts and activities would also be appreciated.

Photos that capture the natural beauty and various highlights of Pulaski County are also desired. We're seeking 4x6, 5x7, and 8x10 printed photos. We're also in need of frames in good condition that can be used as-is or refreshed with a coat of paint. Our members and volunteers are happy to refresh them!

PCT Welcome Package Project General Information:

- Project is launching on a limited basis to get a baseline and workflow established.

- We will stock non-perishable items.

- We would like to include additional items when possible, such as baked goods, flowers, etc.

- PCT members will coordinate with local resources to learn of new residents and arrange for delivery.

- We will track and share impact of this collaborative effort.

We are currently working to gather enough supplies for 50 welcome packages. If you are providing something with an expiration date, please have the date be at least one year out.

This is a new initiative and we’re not yet sure how everything will flow, but we’re excited to learn as we go!


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