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PCT Encourages First Friday Fun

Community - it’s more than just your pin on a map. It is a sense of place and belonging. It’s weaved of the connections you make, the conversations you have, and the care you show. It’s where the well-being of others is a priority. It’s where you wave as you walk by. It’s a place where we lend a helping hand to our neighbors. It's where backyards are filled not only with family but also friends to celebrate life’s moments large and small.

It has the capacity to benefit our mental, physical, and economic health. To achieve this level of community we are called upon to make a proactive and intentional effort to have conversations and make connections.

Pulaski County is brimming with great spaces and great people! Pulaski County Tribe is encouraging community members to designate the first Friday of each month as an opportunity to gather together in our spaces to share and celebrate. To kick it off we suggest you spend some time at your local park on the first Friday of each month with an open mind, ready to make new acquaintances and enjoy time with friends. Approach this opportunity with a communal mindset.

  • Take a basket of garden goodies to share.

  • Play a musical instrument for others to enjoy.

  • Take a game to play at a picnic table and invite those who pass by to join.

  • Pack a picnic and include a little extra to share.

  • Set up your corn hole boards and invite friends to play a game.

  • Load up your grill and offer to share some of your goods.

  • Share some flowers from your garden.

  • Bake some cookies to delight those you see.

  • Organize a game of euchre.

  • Bring your wiffle ball game.

  • Spend some time on a park swing.

  • Schedule lunch with friends at the park.

  • Take your dog for a social stroll.

This need not be complicated or orchestrated. It’s just a designated day to gather with friends and neighbors to embrace the pace of Pulaski County. We hope you’ll mark your calendar for First Friday and share stories of the memories you make along the way. #pcfirstfriday #embracethepacepc


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