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Art in the Park Project Commences

Positively shape the communities within Pulaski County by seeking and prioritizing projects that provide community members and visitors opportunities for enjoyment. That is a key initiative for Pulaski County Tribe and is the inspiration behind one of the group's current community enhancement projects: Art in the Park.

This project focuses on the west side of the Memorial Swinging Bridge in the Winamac Town Park and has three primary components.

  1. Aesthetically improve designated areas.

  2. Installation of two permanent art exhibits.

  3. Community “Art in the Park” event.

In March of 2021, the group announced plans for the project and quickly got to work seeking financial assistance to support various components. In July of 2021 a grant was awarded by the Indiana Arts Commission to partially support components of the project. And in recent days the get your hands dirty physical work commenced.

“PCT is excited to continue efforts to enhance the communities throughout Pulaski County. As we pursue opportunities to improve the quality of life in our rural communities, we often look to environment and art to create connections and embrace the pace of the place we call home,” stated Brandi Larkin, Founder, and President of Pulaski County Tribe.

PCT members and volunteers recently gathered to give the artesian well some much-needed attention. The crew cleared out debris and overgrowth on the walkway, well, and surrounding area. This was followed by power washing and was completed with fresh paint and stain to update the structure.

In the coming weeks, the group will begin planning for the artwork and celebration that will come next spring. This will be done in collaboration with local artists, groups, and organizations. Community members should be on the lookout for opportunities to provide feedback and get involved in a variety of ways!


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