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W.P. Crane & Family New Residents in Medaryville, IN

When you combine civic leaders, community member interests, and creativity the result is a momentum that positively impacts the quality of life for those who work, live, and play in Pulaski County. That's the storyline for the crane mural that is now proud to call Medaryville, IN home.

Thanks to the time and talent of Indiana artist, Zach Medler, a permanent work of art is now on display that embraces a highlight of the community, the sandhill cranes. The first crane made his debut in June 2021 and the project was completed on October 5th.

On Saturday, October 9th the public enjoyed a dedication of the completed crane mural. Pulaski County Tribe member Anne Rebeck-Scott expressed gratitude to the artist for his collaboration with PCT on the project, building owners Dusty and Casey Williams, event photographer Sue Adamiec, and utmost gratitude was given to the community for their support of the project and the organization.

During the event, attendees learned the name of the crane. The community was previously encouraged to submit nominations for the name of the crane who first appeared in June for phase one of the project. PCT members really enjoyed reviewing the suggested names and after deliberation, the submission of W.P. Crane was selected. W.P. is in reference to White Post Township. The creative name came from Kohen, Graham, and Leyton Federer, with the help of their mom.

Attendees were also able to meet the artist and PCT members in attendance. A crane coloring page and origami cranes made by WCHS art students were also shared.

Community members throughout the county attended the event and expressed appreciation for the work of art and the opportunity to connect and embrace the pace of Pulaski County. PCT looks forward to continuing to make a positive in Pulaski County.


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