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2023 PCT Gold Partner Spotlight: Edward Jones

Investing in Pulaski County's Future

Pulaski County Tribe is proud to spotlight Edward Jones, an esteemed 2023 Gold Partner. Since June 1995, the Winamac Edward Jones branch has been a beacon of financial wisdom in our community.

Their mission? To provide personalized wealth management with an unwavering commitment to client success.

What sets them apart? The Chapman family legacy, with three financial advisors - Jon, Anthony, and Alyssa Chapman - leading the way, offering a unique blend of familial insight and professional expertise.

Edward Jones stands out not just for its financial services, but also for its deep-rooted community involvement. They believe in making the complex easy and being a center of influence, not just for their clients, but for Pulaski County as a whole. Their contributions extend beyond financial, including volunteer work at the Pulaski Animal Center and Winamac Town Park.

Their support of the Pulaski County Tribe and other local initiatives underscores a profound dedication to enhancing our community's quality of life. As they put it, they care about our community. This ethos resonates with all of us at Pulaski County Tribe, as we continue to work together for a positive quality of life for all who live in and visit the place we call home.

Edward Jones' commitment to Pulaski County exemplifies the power of local businesses in shaping a thriving community. We're immensely grateful for their partnership and the positive impact they continue to make.

Here's to Edward Jones - a true champion of Pulaski County's values and potential.


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