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Pulaski County 2nd Saturday Spotlight: Pulaski County Farmers' Market

Supporting and celebrating local is at the core of the efforts of Pulaski County Farmers' Market. The market highlights a variety of farmers and talented artisans June through September. You can enjoy in Francesville on Thursday evening and in Winamac on Saturday morning.

The Pulaski County Farmers' Market is governed by a Board of Directors: Jamie Murray, Amy Miller, Teri Schmicker, Alex Chesser, Jason Fagner, Gregg Malott, and Diana Day.

At the market children are encouraged to participate in the Power of Produce (POP) Club. It is a farmers' market-based children's program that seeks to teach children about fruits and vegetables, local food systems, and healthy food preparation through fun activities. Participants engage in the full farmers' market experience by trying new foods, having conversations with farmers, and buying local produce. Through the Two-Bite Club, POP participants are rewarded for taking two bites of the featured fruit or vegetable and receive vouchers to spend on the foods of their choice at the market. These vouchers also serve to empower kids, by giving them the purchasing power to buy from farmers and local vendors at the market.

For our series highlighting Pulaski County 2nd Saturday participants, we were able to connect with Market Manager Diana Day to learn a little more about the organization and get her thoughts on progress in Pulaski County.

Montgomery Mercantile Francesville, IN

How long has the Pulaski County Farmers' Market been operating in Pulaski County?

6 years

What products does the Pulaski County Farmers' Market offer?

Fresh produce and handmade items.

What is the mission of the Pulaski County Farmers' Market?

To provide handmade items and homegrown produce to all residents of Pulaski County in a clean, friendly, and engaging atmosphere.

Can you share a few ways the Pulaski County Farmers' Market supports Pulaski County?

PCFM supports local farmers, crafters, and non-profit organizations by providing a place for them to sell their items and engage the public. PCFM donates to both local FFA organizations. PCFM participates in other local events in the community.

Can you please share a few things you appreciate or enjoy about Pulaski County?

I enjoy attending the farmers market and talking to customers and vendors. I love taking my kids to the Winamac Town Park. I'm so grateful to live in a rural area where my kids can play outside and grow up in a small community.

What are some things you would encourage residents and visitors of Pulaski County to do?

Everyone should support the farmers' market! I encourage everyone to invest here in Pulaski County and shop local as often as possible.

How do you think organizations such as the Pulaski County Tribe benefit the communities throughout the county?

PCT and organizations like it benefit communities throughout the county by appreciating what we have right here. We rely on our people and our resources to make our communities more connected and more beautiful with murals and artwork.

Have you noticed any major improvements/progress in Pulaski County in the last year or two?

There is a lot more artwork and many more public events to enjoy.

Can you tell us 1-2 things you would like to see improved for our community?

I'd love to see more thriving businesses in all the downtown communities.

Can you share any words of encouragement to get others involved in positively impacting our community?

Everyone has tools to positively impact our community whether it's sharing a social media post, supporting an event, or joining a non-profit. Any contribution you can make is important and appreciated.

To stay up-to-date on what is happening at the Pulaski County Farmers' Market, follow their Facebook page.

A big thanks to the Pulaski County Farmers' Market for their participation in Pulaski County 2nd Saturday and partnership by allowing non-traditional vendors to participate on 2nd Saturday.

Pulaski County Tribe's mission is to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate among all communities in Pulaski County for the greater good of residents and guests. Our vision is to serve as a channel that brings together organizations, businesses, and residents to positively impact communities in Pulaski County.

Pulaski County 2nd Saturday is a way to highlight the services, products, offers, and activities of participating businesses, organizations, independent consultants, crafters, and artisans throughout Pulaski County.

Are you a business, organization, independent consultant, crafter, or artisan that would like to participate? You can submit your promotion, offering, or activity by completing this form.


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