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Pulaski County 2nd Saturday Spotlight: Ace Hardware

Meet Tim & Lisa Wiegand, rural Indiana residents, and business owners. They are the proud owners of Ace Hardware & Keepsakes in Winamac and North Judson. These enthusiastic business owners are active participants in Pulaski County 2nd Saturday. They were gracious enough to answer a few questions asked by the Pulaski County Tribe.

PCT: How long has ACE Hardware been operating in Pulaski County?

Tim & Lisa: We have been told that ACE Hardware started in downtown Winamac in 1973. Around 1980, it moved to the shopping center.

PCT: How long have you owned ACE Hardware?

Tim & Lisa: We bought it in 2003.

PCT: Can you share 3 ways ACE Hardware & Keepsakes supports Pulaski County?

Tim & Lisa: Through our round-up program we support several nonprofit organizations. We support both Eastern Pulaski and West Central schools.

PCT: What are 3 things you would encourage residents and visitors of Pulaski County to do?

Tim & Lisa: Panhandle Pathway, State Park, and Town Park.

PCT: How do you think organizations such as the Pulaski County Tribe benefit the communities throughout the county?

Tim & Lisa: Bringing us together for a common goal (making our community better).

A big thanks to Ace Hardware for their participation and for taking the time to answer a few questions!

Pulaski County Tribe's mission is to communicate, collaborate, and celebrate among all communities in Pulaski County for the greater good of residents and guests. Our vision is to serve as a channel that brings together organizations, businesses, and residents to positively impact communities in Pulaski County.

Learn more about PULASKI COUNTY 2nd Saturday:

PULASKI COUNTY 2ND SATURDAY is a way to share special offers and activities from businesses, organizations, independent consultants, crafters, and artisans throughout Pulaski County.

Are you a business, organization, independent consultant, crafter, or artisan that would like to participate? You can submit your promotion, offering, or activity by completing this form.


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