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Pulaski County 2nd Saturday Spotlight: Chiro Coffee Co. - C3

For our series highlighting Pulaski County 2nd Saturday participants, we were able to connect with Mary Heal of Chiro Coffee Co. - C3. Learn more about this community and health-focused coffee shop located in Winamac, IN below.

Montgomery Mercantile Francesville, IN

How long has Chiro Coffee Co. been operating in Pulaski County?

We opened in April 2022.

What products does Chiro Coffee Co. offer?

Specialty coffees, homemade smoothies and muffins, snack items, juice, teas, locally roasted drip coffee, and egg bites.

What is the mission of Chiro Coffee Co.?

Growing up in Winamac, our dad was involved in local politics and was sort of the unspoken mayor of our town…we weren’t a city, just a town…too small for a mayor. But he knew everyone; or what seemed like everyone. And he knew where people lived and usually who lived there before whoever lived there now! People came to him for advice. And, he connected to people easily. He encouraged people to get involved in their community. He inspired people he worked with to do their best.

As the businesses in Winamac changed and just life and how we live it, changed, he grew concerned about how people could spend time together. The bowling alley closed. The golf course clubhouse changed. The Indian Head and Rathskellar closed. The Swirly Top became a bank. The fountain at the drug store on the corner downtown…gone after a few attempts at investing in a locally owned drug store failed. Our dad often said it was important to have places for people to sit and talk…to talk about anything and everything; a relaxed atmosphere to connect with each other…or, to connect with yourself. That’s one reason why we wanted to open a coffee shop. The other reasons? Duh…for the coffee! Coffee is delightful. And, good coffee can actually have health benefits. Plus, we love juice and smoothies and you pretty much can’t have a coffee shop without those options too!

What is a fun fact about Chiro Coffee Co.?

We are inside of our chiropractic office; so we have a focus on health and community. For example, we use organic syrups and we have fun names for our specialty coffee drinks like Spine Tingler!

What is a fun fact about the Chiro Coffee Co. owners?

We're Green Bay Packer fans who have an appreciation for nature, especially turtles.

Can you share a few ways Chiro Coffee Co. supports Pulaski County?

Lifetime members of the Panhandle Trails; Lifetime members of the Warrior Athletic Boosters and Academic Boosters; sponsor local charity golf outings, benefits, young sports teams; former members of Kiwanis club; spearheaded bringing trails to Winamac; Junior Achievement volunteers

Can you please share a few things you appreciate or enjoy about Pulaski County?

Beautiful parks - town park, Tippecanoe River State Park; the focus on Art - recent murals, art in the park, etc.; it is a caring community that pulls together to support each other in times of grief and joy.

What are some things you would encourage residents and visitors of Pulaski County to do?

So much to do at Tippecanoe River State Park - from the trails to the nature preserve, naturalist events, camping; Walk or bike the Trail; Relax, grab a friend and have a cup of coffee with us at Chiro Coffee Co.

How do you think organizations such as the Pulaski County Tribe benefit the communities throughout the county?

Increasing the quality of life by sponsoring events, art, and helping businesses.

Have you noticed any major improvements/progress in Pulaski County in the last year or two?

The art murals and more events.

Can you tell us 1-2 things you would like to see improved for our community?

Organizations working together more: synergy.

Can you share any words of encouragement to get others involved in positively impacting our community?

"The only ones among you who will be really happy are those who will have sought and found how to serve." - Albert Schweitzer There is joy in giving back!

To stay up-to-date on what is happening at Chiro Coffee Co., check out their Facebook page or browse their website.

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