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PCT Leads Crane Mural Project

Rendering of a crane mural to be created in Medaryville, IN. Project led by Pulaski County Tribe.
PCT Crane Mural Project Phase 1

Pulaski County Tribe is excited to announce a creative placemaking project that embraces and celebrates the rural nature of Pulaski County. The project will showcase a large mural featuring the sandhill cranes that often grace the skies of Northwest Indiana.

PCT is partnering with local artist, Zach Medler, to design and create the mural. His murals often celebrate local natural features like wetlands and native plants and animals, but can also feature elements of historic architecture and urban environments.

“I believe in murals as community social wellness projects, and I believe my work as an artist, organizer, and citizen reflects that.” -Zach Medler

The mural will be prominently displayed on the side of a building in downtown Medaryville, on the corner of Main and National Streets, owned by Pulaski County residents and business owners, Dusty and Casey Williams.

This creative placemaking artwork will serve as a point of enjoyment for community residents and guests. PCT hopes people will pause for a moment and enjoy it. We also hope it will serve as a way to bring together a variety of Pulaski County residents to work collaboratively.

Community involvement will include artwork by local students of many ages, opportunities for resident submission of suggestions of wetland components to incorporate into the mural, collaborative fundraising efforts, project celebration with artwork coloring pages, and a public dedication after project completion.

This project will be done in a phased approach to allow the group to implement fundraising efforts for the expenses. Phase one will happen in early June, with specific timing dependent on weather. The second phase is tentatively planned for sometime in August or September.

This effort reflects the passion to revive our rural communities in Pulaski County and highlight the positive impact of working together.

If you are interested in making a financial donation to support PCT-led community enhancement and placemaking projects, such as this mural, you can donate here. Your support is greatly appreciated!


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